Holiday Homework



CLASS – III                         HOLIDAY HOMEWORK                       DATE: 27/04/2018


Summer vacation holiday homework for all subjects to be done on A4 size paper and kept in a stick file Submit it on the reopening day (21/06/2018)


1. Draw and colour Day and night.

   2. Cut and paste 5 sentences from Newspaper or magazine and highlight the naming words.

   3. Collect 5 flowers and dry it in between pages, paste and write their names in notebook.

   4. Write 10 pages of handwriting in 60 or 100 pages notebook.  (4 line notebook)


१.    वर्णमाला को एक बार लिखिए ।

२.    ख ध प फ और भ वर्णो की बारहखड़ी लिखिए ।

३.    दो पंचतंत्र की कहानी पढ़िये ।

४.    एक शेर का चित्र चिपका कर उसके बारे में पाँच वाक्य लिखिए।

५.    पाठ्यपुस्तक देख कर दस  पृष्ठ (पेज) सुलेख लिखये।


Do on A4 Size Paper

1. Learn and write the multiplication tables from 2 to 10.

2.    Every day roll a dice 3 times to get a 3 digit number, write the numeral and the number name.

3.    Paste pictures of 2 objects showing top view, side view and front view.

4.    Make mask of 4 animals having mirror half (use craft paper) Bring it in a folder.


1.    Make animals using thumb prints (water colours) and write their names.

2.    Making leaf impression using different leaves and write their names.

3.    Make poster on” Save Water” with 5 slogans.

4.    Make any two animals/birds  using dry leaves of different shapes.



 CLASS – IV                               HOLIDAY HOMEWORK                     DATE: 27/04/2018


Summer  vacationhomework for all subjects to be done in A-4 size sheets and to be brought in a stick file on the re-opening day 21/06/2018.


1.     Get up early in the morning, observe the day break, draw or paste picture and write five sentences about the early morning scene.

2.     From the newspaper select 10 sentences which contain adjective (Describing word), cut paste and underline the adjective and write the other degrees of comparison.

3.     Read story books and come prepared to narrate to stories in the class.

4.     Practice cursive writing.


1.  वर्णमाला -  ,स्वरव्यंजन  , संयुक्ताक्षर

2. ‘ मात्रावाले  5  शब्द मात्रावाले  5 शब्द से  5 शब्द  से 5 शब्द

3. वर्षा ऋतु पर पाँच वाक्य और वर्षा मे काम आने वाली पाँच वस्तुओं के चित्र।

4. अकबर और बीरबल के विषय मे 2 किस्से लिखें ।


1.    Draw Jaali and Jharokha patterns.( 2 each)

2.    Paste pictures of few buildings having arches.

3.    Collect and paste pictures of five objects having cuboidal shape.

4.    How far is your school from your home? Write the distance.

5.    Make a model of clock.


1.    Make a model of a cement bridge/ bamboo bridge.

2.    Make mask of an elephant and a rabbit.

3.    Paste a picture of an African elephant and write five sentences about it.

4.    Write any two extinct animals/ birds name and paste their pictures.

5.    Draw any two animals which have external ears and pattern on their skin.

CLASS – V                                                      HOLIDAY HOMEWORK                               DATE: 27/04/2018


Summer vacation homework for all subjects to be done in A-4 size sheets and to be brought in a stick file on the re-opening day 21/06/2018.



1.      Cut out 50 difficult words from newspaper/magazines (1 word each day) and Write the meaning of any 10 words and frame a sentence.

2.      Design a pamphlet/ poster of any ice cream brand.

3.      Make any useful item out of waste (or) Write the ingredients and recipe of your favourite dish (any 2) and paste pictures.

4.      Collect pictures of team games and individual games or outdoor and indoor games. Write difference between them. Write a paragraph about your favourite game.


१.     दसव्यक्तिवाचकसंज्ञाओंकेनामलिखकरउनकेचित्रचिपकाइए।

२.    दसजातिवाचकसंज्ञाओंकेनामलिखकरउनकेचित्रचिपकाइए।

३.    भारतकेपड़ोसीदेशोंकेनामलिखकरउन्हेंविश्वकेमानचित्रमेंदर्शाइए।

४.    अपनेराज्यकीकोईएकलोककथापढ़िएऔरउसेअपनेशब्दोंमेंलिखिए(अथवा)किसीएकफ़सलकेउत्सवपरअनुच्छेदलिखिए।



1. Find the lengths of any five rivers flowing in India or find the height of any  five mountains in the world .  Write the numbers in the expanded form and arrange them in ascending order.

2. Find the cost of your favourite ice cream. Calculate how much would you spend on ice creams if you bought   one every day of your summer break. If you bought it for 5 people every day what would be the cost?

3. Collect the land line numbers of any five of your friends or relatives. Write the numbers and their number names in Indian and International system.

4. Using match sticks or straw or any waste material make 5,6 sided shapes and mark the angles in them.

5. Make a card of five quiz questions on multiplication.


1. Make  model of the following (any one)  a)Snake Been    b)Basket   c)First aid kit

2.Make animal masks (any 3 wild animals and birds).

3.Collect any 5 pictures with information of the following-a) Junk food b) Food items with preservatives

4.Locate the National parks  of India(any 10).

5. Make snake puppet using socks.

6. Collect information about super sense of any 10 animals / birds and paste the pictures.