Highlights of NCC Activities in K V MEG & Centre, Bengaluru 2012-13:


The NCC-Senior Division started in this Vidyalaya with enrollment of 40 cadets i.e. 28-SD & 12-SW in the month of July 2012. Regular NCC parades are going on every Monday from 2 pm to 6 pm in the school campus under the supervision of Principal Mr. C Valmiki, Vice-Principal Mr. E.Jayachandran and Care Taker Mr. Amit Kumar Singh (PRT). PI staff comes from 39 KAR INF BN NCC and train the cadets for various NCC activities and prepare them for NCC- B & C Certificate Examination. Healthy refreshment is being served after every parade. NCC uniforms distributed to all the 28 SD & 12 SW cadets. Cadets are showing dedication and keen interest for NCC and developing feeling of “Unity and Discipline


·         36 NCC Cadets got their B-Certificate from 39 KAR INF BN NCC.

·         35 NCC Cadets (25 SD & 10 SW) enrolled for NCC C-Certificate Exam of class XII.

·         45 NCC Cadets (34 SD & 11 SW) enrolled for NCC B-Certificate Exam of class XI.

·         10 NCC Cadets (5 SD & 5 SW) participated in firing practise at PRTC, Bangalore in the month of July 2013.

·         06 NCC Cadets (3 SD & 3 SW) attended THAL SANIK CAMP (TSC) at Doddballapur of 10 days from 19.07.2013 to 28.07.2013.

·         02 cadets (1 SD & 1 SW) attended THAL SANIK CAMP (TSC) at Chikballapur of 10 days from 28.07.2013 to 06.08.2013.

·         2nd year NCC Cadets promoted to the higher ranks like Senior Under Officer, CSM, CQMS, etc


·         Regular NCC Parades conducted every week on Monday from 2 PM to 6 PM and a healthy refreshment is issued to them.





It was pride moment for KV MEG & CENTRE to have 4 Guides being selected for the Rashtrapati Guide Award Testing Camp 2011 held from 15-09-2011 to 19-09-2011 at National Youth Complex, Gadpuri, Haryana.



  • Out of 1800 participating KV's from all over India, only 13 applicants were selected.

  • out of 13 selected, 4 Guides belongs to Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai Unit our K V MEG & CENTRE.

  • It is a great and wonderful achievement to our four Guides and Guider & Escort Smt. S A Mehar, ALT (G), TGT Social Science.